Polyamines - Chemicals for water treatment

FINEAMIN® - polyamine water treatment, corrosion inhibitors and chemical products against scale and deposits

The water quality has to be adapted to the process requirement. Our Polyamine technology offers the optimal water treatment solution for any kind of industry and steam production systems. Our range of products, innovative and environment friendly, and the efficient technical assistance of our experienced engineers and chemists will ensure to your plant a trouble free operation.

You can use our FINEAMIN corrosion inhibitors in the following fields:

  • Water treatment for steam production systems of each size and type
  • Authorized products for food industry
  • Heating and district heating networks
  • Open and closed cooling systems
  • Industrial waste water treatment (removal of heavy metals and scale/gips formation inhibition
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Boiling out and blowing out of new plants (commissioning and start-up
  • Special conservation/preservation treatments for shut down periods