Biocides against legionella

Biocides against legionella in cooling water systems

Biocides are used in cooling water treatment for the disinfection and sterilization of cooling water systems. They are used to combat microorganisms that form in the cooling water and can pose a risk to operating personnel and process safety.

Such microorganisms find ideal growth conditions in open cooling circuits and evaporative cooling systems. The formation of algae, bacteria and fungi can also lead to corrosion and the formation of deposits in the system.

Particular attention should be paid to Legionella pneumophila bacteria. They are the cause of Legionnaires’ disease and can be inhaled by humans through aerosols from the cooling tower, which can result in serious health problems and even death.

The use of appropriate biocides to combat bacteria, microorganisms and legionella in cooling water systems helps to protect your employees and cooling water systems and also increases your process reliability. 

Biocides against legionella - what should be considered?

Choosing a suitable biocide is very important when combating legionella and disinfecting cooling water systems!

What should be considered when selecting biocides and active substances?

  • The biocidal product and the biocidal active ingredient are in accordance with Biocide Ordinance registered and registered
  • The biocide has been tested for its effectiveness against legionella (DIN EN 13623)
  • The conditions of use according to VDI 2047 or 42 BImSchV are met

Furthermore, other questions should be considered when selecting a biocide:

Is the biocide suitable for the existing cooling water qualities?

Is there material compatibility with the system materials?

Are special waste water or discharge conditions to be observed?


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