Boiling out steam generators

Alkaline boiling and cleaning of steam generators and boiler systems

Newly built steam boilers are often heavily contaminated with mill scale, iron, scale, oil and grease. This can lead to considerable deposits, faults and corrosion during commissioning and start-up of the boiler. This applies in particular to downstream turbines.

Therefore, in practice, before the boiler is put into operation for the first time, the water-carrying parts are alkaline-boiled with the addition of chemicals.

The search for more environmentally friendly and easy-to-handle additives has become increasingly important due to the ever stricter limit values for discharging boiler water into waste water.

With our special FINEAMIN® formulations, we provide you with excellent alternatives to alkaline boiling of boiler systems, which are increasingly being used by many boiler manufacturers with great success.

The patented mode of action, the ease of use and handling, the toxicological and ecological safety of our FINEAMIN® products and, last but not least, the cost-effective implementation have all contributed to this success.

Advantages over traditional methods

(acidification, pickling, boiling with NaOH or trisodium phosphate)

Wasserrohrkessel vor Reinigung Wasserrohrkessel nach Reinigung

The recommendations are based on our experience and have been developed in close accordance with the specifications of the boiler manufacturers, the VGB and the turbine manufacturers.