Steam Generator

Chemicals for boiler water treatment and boiler water treatment

For the treatment of condensate, feed water and boiler water, we offer, among other things:

  • Corrosion and encrustation inhibitors for steam boiler systems of all pressure levels (water tube boilers, waste heat boilers, shell boilers, high-speed steam generators, low-pressure steam generators)
  • Products for salt-free, low-salt and high-salt driving
  • Oxygen scavengers for feed water treatment / volatile oxygen scavengers
  • approved anti-scale agents and scale removers
  • Specialty chemicals for cleaning boiler systems during operation
  • Products for cleaning and protecting turbines (e.g. silica deposits)
  • Alkalizing agent for the neutralization of carbonic acid and pH control
  • steam-volatile products to protect the steam and condensate area
  • film-forming amines and surface-active polyamines
  • Inhibitors for downtime preservation and passivation of steam generators

Your benefits

The advantages of FINEAMIN® technology compared to conventional conditioning agents (trisodium phosphate, sodium sulfite, caustic soda, hydrazine) are:

Example application areas

Refineries/Petrochemicals – Avoid corrosion

Corrosion damage leads to costly downtime and... particularly in oil refineries and petrochemical plants.

Boiler water treatment in the food industry

In order to guarantee the quality and purity of the food produced, during production ...

Laundries and dry cleaners

A flawless treatment of feed and boiler water plays an important role in laundries and textile cleaning ...

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