Oxygen scavenger for boilers and heating systems

Liquid volatile aqueous mixture of catalysed organic oxygen scavenger for steam production systems and heating networks

FINEAMIN 18 is volatile and will also alkalize all the parts of the system

It doesn’t contain hydrazine and its reaction will not produce hydrazine, like for example carbohydrazide.

It protects against oxygen corrosion and has a very short reaction time

The handling of this product is very simple and without danger

FINEAMIN 18 is a ready to use alkaline, organic liquid.

Action mode and utilisation

FINEAMIN 18 is reacting with residual dissolved oxygen in feed water. It can be mixed with boiler chemicals at the same dosage tank.

Dosing and Dosage rate

FINEAMIN 18 is generally dosed at 8 ppm for 1 ppm dissolved O2

You will find the physical and chemical characteristics of FINEAMIN 18 in the safety data sheet.


FINEAMIN 18 can be delivered in drum of 30 kg, 60 kg, 210 kg

It can be stored until 2 years (in closed containers and with temperatures from -5°C to 45°C).

The drums of FINEAMIN must be kept absolutely always closed.