Action mode and utilisation

This mixture of aliphatic polyamines and volatile alkalising amines allows simultaneously to reach the following results:

To protect the whole system (feed section, steam boiler, steam and condensate network) without to interfere, if not in a positive way, in the heat transfer. The protection, micron wide, avoids the contact between the metal surface and the corrosive electrolyte, eliminating any kind of corrosion.

To maintain the ideal pH in every section of the plant, the partition ratio of the different alkalising, volatile elements having been selected for this purpose.

To eliminate the old corrosion and avoid the formation of any new one. (For old plants, please consult our technical assistance)

The plants remain very clean. Their protection is more effective and their efficiency is improved. (In case of very dirty plants or polluted condensate, please contact our technical service. We will choose the best treatment for your plant)

To decrease the boiler-blow down, saving energy, water and chemicals.


FINEAMIN 90 is almost bio-degradable and, if we except its alkaline pH, contains no dangerous products.

A system treated by FINEAMIN 90 can by drained in a sewage treatment plant with out any problem. (Respecting the local limits for pH and temperature)

Dosing and Dosage rate

FINEAMIN 90 is not dosed in a stoechiometric way. The dosage rate has not to be adjusted to every change of water condition.

It is injected generally in a single point of the plant, using the existing dosing pumps and tanks.

Before any start of FINEAMIN treatment, our technical service will visit your plant and determine the best way for dosing the FINEAMIN product.

You will find the physical and chemical characteristics of FINEAMIN 90 in the safety data sheet.


The determination of the FINEAMIN excess can be than using any kind of good quality photometer. We will supply the reagents for the analysis and the calibration curve.


FINEAMIN 90 can be delivered in drum of 30 kg, 60 kg, 210 kg and standard containers of 1000 kg.

It can be stored until 5 years (in closed containers and with temperatures from -5°C to 45°C).

The drums and containers of FINEAMIN must be kept always closed