Corrosion and scale inhibitor for open recirculating systems. Metal free and with environmental friendly phosphate content


FINEAMIN 95 T is an advanced cooling water treatment for control of corrosion and fouling in open recirculating systems.

FINEAMIN 95 T is a specially developed formulation to protect the surfaces, to clean and keep them clean, reducing expensive shut down periods and maintenance costs.

FINEAMIN 95 T may be used in industrial cooling waters with minimal water disposal problems.


  • Effective over broad pH range
  • Controls deposits
  • Creates no pollution problems
  • Excellent corrosion control
  • Effective antifoulant


Rapid protection against corrosion is achieved by pre-treating the system with between three and five times the normal maintenance dosage for seven to ten days.

The maintenance dosage is then applied to the recirculating water at all times.

Our technical assistance wills advice you of the specific dosage requirement for your system.


Pump FINEAMIN 95 T directly from the drum into a recirculating cooling water line directly into the tower basin. Pumping may be on a continuous basis in conjunction with automatic bleed off to maintain the recommended cycles of concentration.

However, the preferred method is to use a dosing system which operates proportional to system loading, conserving both water and treatment, and which should be fabricated from acid resistant materials.


The determination of the FINEAMIN excess can be than using any kind of good quality photometer. We will supply the reagents for the analysis and the calibration curve.

Physical Proprieties

Appearance:            very stable liquid

Density:                   1.10 at 20 °C (+/- 0.1)

pH of product:         8.5 (+/-2.5) bei 20°C

Freezing point          –5 °C


FINEAMIN 95 T can be delivered in drum of 30 kg, 60 kg, 210 kg and standard containers of 1000 kg.

It can be stored until 5 years (in closed containers and with temperatures from -5°C to 45°C).

The drums and containers of FINEAMIN must be kept always closed