The chemistry must be right

Chemistry in the boiler water of steam generators in industrial plants is of crucial importance. Proper chemical operation of the boiler system ensures reliable and damage-free operation.

The chemistry in the entire water-steam cycle can be improved by physical and chemical feedwater treatment and Feed water treatment.

Physical feed water treatment includes, for example, the softening and desalination of the make-up water and the Boiler feed water degassing. The chemical treatment of feed water and boiler water uses chemicals that include e.g. bind the residual oxygen or correct the pH values in the system.

The chemical parameters that should be set in the feed water, boiler water and steam can be found in the corresponding water chemical guidelines.

Is the chemistry right in your boiler system?

Do you have problems with low pH values in condensate, feed water or boiler water?

The oxygen content in the boiler feed water is too high?

The conductivity or salt content in the boiler water is too high?

We are happy to check the chemistry in your boiler system – on site!

We record the data from your system, analyze the current water quality with laboratory vehicles, evaluate the data and create a corresponding recommendation for you.

If the chemistry in the feed and boiler water is right, this means for you as the operator:

  • higher operational reliability
  • less downtime and loss of production
  • more economical operation due to better heat transfer and lower use of chemicals
  • less maintenance and repair work
  • better environmental balance

If you have any questions about the chemistry in the boiler water, you are always welcome to contact us.

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