boiler water treatment

Boiler water treatment chemicals

The water treatment of steam generators and Hot water networks plays an important role in industry and energy production.

Trouble-free and damage-free operation of the boiler system not only involves treating the raw water, but also protecting the water and steam circuit from corrosion and deposits.

Conventional conditioning agents and dosing chemicals contain, among other things, phosphate, sulfite, ammonia, caustic soda or hydrazine. The additional salt load in the boiler water leads to higher blowdown and desalting of the steam generator. This is time-consuming, expensive and pollutes the environment.

The proven and constantly developed FINEAMIN® technology is a salt-free alternative – effective, cost-saving, environmentally friendly.

In addition to vapor-volatile corrosion inhibitors and alkalinizing agents, products with surface-active amines, oxygen scavengers and scale antidotes, we also offer approved specialty chemicals for use in Boiler water treatment in the food industry.