Corrosion and incrustation inhibitor for steam and hot water systems with softened feed water

Mode of action:

POLYDOSIL 40 is a blend of steam-volatile, alkalizing polyamines and alkaline dispersing polymers with an oxygen-reducing component.

POLYDOSIL 40 binds oxygen and thus prevents corrosion attacks in all plant components in contact with water, even in the absence of thermal degassing of the feed water.
Due to the distribution coefficient of the alkalizing active ingredients, the entire system incl. Steam and condensate network alkalized and effective protection against corrosion and deposit formation achieved.
Existing corrosion products and deposits are gently dispersed and broken down. Heat transfer is improved throughout the plant, resulting in significant savings in water, energy and chemical costs.

Environmental sustainability:

POLYDOSIL 40 is phosphate-free and ecologically and toxicologically safe.
Further information can be obtained from the EU safety data sheet.

Application/ Dosage:

POLYDOSIL 40 is added to the boiler feed water as a concentrated or diluted solution without any further additives. The quantity to be used depends on the water quality and the condition of the plant and is determined accordingly by the technical advisor.

The detection of POLYDOSIL 40 in the system is carried out either by a simple rapid test or a photometric test.

Delivery terms:

The product is supplied in liquid form in containers of 30, 60 or 210 liters.
The product must be stored frost-free in closed containers. The shelf life is 2 years.


Product info POLYDOSIL 40

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