About us


The FINEAMIN group is steadily developing innovative solutions in the field of water treatment and water conditioning.

With over twenty years experience in manufacturing and application of corrosion and scale inhibitors, we offer customized solutions for the water treatment of steam generation systems, cooling systems and waste water systems

Our experienced technical staff is contributing to the satisfaction of our customers.

Our equipped laboratories vehicles allow in situ analyses campaigns and immediate correction of the dosage and water treatment.

Our services include:

  • Recording and evaluation of plant-specific data
  • Creation of risk assessments and individual treatment approaches
  • Consulting in the field of water conditioning and water treatment
  • Periodical water analyzes from our laboratory
  • Analysis of water and sediments in the laboratory
  • Inspection and maintenance of metering technology and water treatment
  • Inspection and documentation of the equipment conditions and treatment results (boiler inspections, etc…)
  • Training of operating staff

Our FINEAMIN/HELAWAX technology allows to reach the following results:

  • ncreased reliability and life of your equipment
  • Optimizing and increasing the efficiency
  • Optimization and improvement the efficiency of the plants
  • Reduction of the cost of maintenance and operation
  • Reliable/efficient protection against corrosion and deposits
  • Use of environmentally friendly technologies