Comparison monoamines / polyamines

Comparison of the film-forming properties with conventionally monoamines and special polyamines contained in FINEAMIN

In our FINEAMIN – products, for the treatment of feedwater and boiler water in steam generators, we use special polyamines to inhibit the metal surfaces.

These special  film forming polyamines stabilize and support a closed magnetite surface on the water and steam touched components. Thereby a reliable corrosion protection achieved.

Film formation with FINEAMIN

Due to the existence of a large number of amino groups in polyamines (FINEAMIN), the bonding to the metal surface takes place at several pointsand it is therefore quite strong. The carbon chains are directed mostly horizontally or on the metal surface and afford therefore a better cohesive protection. The protective film formed is more stable than the one formed by mono-amines.

Film formation with Monoamines

Monoamines can form a bond with metal surfaces. The carbon chain in this case projects outwards, hair-brush style.

Film forming with Monoamines