Laundry - Clean water, clean steam

Deposits and corrosion in laundry boiler and steam systems

Interview RWTextilservice Issue 03/ 2013

Clean water, clean steam

Water is one of the most important raw materials in a laundry. The water quality must be
Meet process requirements. CWB Wassertreatment GmbH advises laundries on all
Issues of the water-steam cycle and helps fight corrosion and plaque.

If you want good steam, you also need good water. Proper boiler water preparation and treatment is mandatory to protect the entire water and steam system of a laundry. This is not only due to quality reasons, but also to do with energy consumption, as Karsten Cramer, Managing Director of CWB Wassertreatment GmbH in Berlin, explains.

RWTextilservice: Mr. Cramer, what deposits and deposits do laundries typically struggle with?

Karsten Cramer: Typical deposits are scale deposits. These are usually caused by malfunctions in the softening system. The operation of the boiler system with softened water is the basic requirement for a trouble-free and damage-free process. The maintenance and monitoring of the water treatment is very important and is often neglected.

RWTextilservice: What problems arise in laundries due to corrosion or deposits in the steam system?

Karsten Cramer: On the one hand, there is damage to the system itself, which can lead to boiler damage. Furthermore, corrosion, e.g. in the feed water, steam or condensate area, leads to high maintenance and repair costs. Corrosion products can negatively affect the quality of the washing process, deposits in the steam generator lead to higher energy consumption and high costs for chemical boiler cleaning.

RWTextilservice: Can stains or dirt on the laundry have something to do with corrosion or deposits?

Karsten Cramer: Of course. Corrosion processes increase the iron content in the water or steam cycle. This iron oxide disrupts the washing process and can lead to stains or damage to the laundry when the laundry is steamed (e.g. in the tunnel finisher). Furthermore, if the salt content in the boiler water is too high, impurities can be entrained from the boiler into the steam. This can also lead to stains and dirt.

RWTextilservice: Is there a connection between energy costs and boiler water treatment?

Karsten Cramer: As already mentioned, deposits in the steam generator lead to higher energy consumption. The heat transfer between the metal and the water is impeded. This means that more energy has to be used to generate steam. By using our product Fineamin, such deposits can be prevented and existing deposits can be removed during operation. In contrast to conventional dosing chemicals (e.g. phosphate, sulfite), Fineamin itself does not increase the salt content in the boiler water. Thus, by changing the water treatment, the blowdown and desalination of the steam generator can be reduced. This also helps reduce water, waste water and energy costs.

RWTextilservice: How does your special product Fineamin work?

Karsten Cramer: There are different “varieties” of Fineamin. Depending on the boiler system, water treatment and water quality in the system, we can offer tailor-made solutions. All other dosing chemicals can be replaced by the combination of different salt-free, organic amines, polyamines and polyacrylates. As a rule, we only need a single combination product that protects the entire system from corrosion and deposits. Fineamin provides the necessary protective alkalinity in the system, removes existing hardness and iron oxide deposits, stabilizes residual hardness and binds the residual oxygen in the feed water. Excellent corrosion protection is achieved primarily through surface-active ingredients that have an inhibiting effect on the metal surfaces. Since many of our products are vapor-volatile, this corrosion protection naturally also works in the vapor and condensate area.

RWTextilservice: Are there any other advantages of Fineamin when used in the laundry sector?

Karsten Cramer: It increases the operational safety, performance and service life of the boiler system through optimal protection against corrosion and deposits. Fineamin also has a preservative effect when the boiler system is at a standstill. We also offer extensive customer service. The intensive support of our customers includes, among other things, regular on-site water analyzes with our laboratory vehicles, inspection of the water treatment and dosing technology and expert advice in the field of water treatment and water conditioning of steam boiler systems