Boiling out and blow out of steam generators with FINEAMIN®- Products

New steam generators mostly are contaminated with mill scale, ferric oxides, grease and oil from production processes. When commissioning the steam producer these substances can cause incrustation, corrosion and malfunction of the plant. Especially downstream turbines are sensitive for pollutions in the steam.

To avoid damages of the plant, boiler drums and all water-bearing parts have to be boiled out with alkaline chemicals before commissioning the plant.

In the past conventional chemicals as trisodium phosphate, caustic soda or hydrofluoric acid were used. Especially the use of caustic soda leaded to plant damages caused by incorrect use and over dosage of the chemicals.

Due to the tightened boundary values for discharging boiler water into municipal waste water systems the application of chemicals causing less impact on the environment becomes more important.

With the special FINEAMIN®-Products we offer you excellent alternatives for cleaning boiler plants. FINEAMIN®-Products are more and more often used successfully by various boiler drum manufactures.

The patented mode of functioning, the easy handling, the toxicological and ecological harmlessness of FINEAMIN®-Products and not least the cost- effective procedure have led to this success.

The references comply with our experiences and were created according to the specifications of boiler drum manufacturers, the “VGB Power Tech” and turbine manufacturers.

Advantages over the conventional methods

(acid cleaning, pickling or boiling with caustic soda or phosphate)

  • Easy handling of  FINEAMIN®-Products                
  • Low effort for work protection (only goggles and gloves)
  • No regulations for storage
  • Boundary values for municipal waste water systems can be achieved easily
  • Better cleaning of the plant from grease, oil, mill scale and ferric oxides by the special combination of surface active Polyamines und Polyacrylates
  • Creation of a homogeneous magnetite protection layer
  • Cleaning of the facility during the drying of the masonry possible
  • Steam purity is reached faster due to shorter blow-out processes which lead to high time and cost effectiveness
  • Reduction of downtime also allows lower cost of operation