Cooling water systems

For water treatment of cooling water systems and cooling towers we offer a full range of products and services:

  • Check-up and evaluation of the system (sampling and water analysis, visit/inspection of the plants)
  • Corrosion- and scale inhibitors for open and closed cooling water systems, air washer, air conditioning and refrigeration
  • Dispersants for cleaning of cooling towers and cooling water systems
  • Biocides and algaecides against algae and bacteria growth
  • Biofilm-removers against biological deposit
  • Efficent anti-legionella treatment

The benefits:

  • Reliable protection against corrosion and deposits in the entire system
  • improving the heat transfer
  • Increase the reliability and life of your equipment
  • more economical by a possible higher concentration rate, lower blow down
  • ease of use and dosage
  • environmental friendly dosing

Prospect Cooling Water

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