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The water treatment solution against corrosion,
scale and deposits in your systems

Polyamines - Chemicals for water treatment

We have the chemicals for water treatment - corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, organic and inorganic oxygen scavenger, alkalizing amines and polyamines, polycarboxylates and chemicals against deposits in water and steam systems

The water quality has to be adapted to the process requirement. Our Polyamine technology offers the optimal water treatment solution for any kind of industry and steam production systems. Our range of products, innovative and environment friendly, and the efficient technical assistance of our experienced engineers and chemists will ensure to your plant a trouble free operation.

We offer you excellent customer service and more than 20 years of experience in sales and application of corrosion and scale inhibitors.

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FINEAMIN, HELAWAX, FINEALGA Areas of application of our corrosion inhibitors

Steam boiler systems of each size and type

Hot water generators, district heating networks and heating systems

Water-steam systems in refineries (hydrogen, FCC, acid plants)

Authorized products for steam systems in food industry

Open and closed cooling water systems

Wastewater treatment, flue gas scrubbing

Boiling out, blowing out and cleaning of steam boiler

In operation cleaning of water and steam systems

Special conservation/preservation treatments for shut down periods

26 Jahre



treated plants

up to10%

Energy saving

up to80%

lower blow down

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