Refineries / Chemical Industry

Since over 20 years we successfully treat water steam systems of all kind of refinery processes with our FINEAMIN products. To our customers we can count different plants of chemical industries and refineries all around the world. In particular our FINEAMIN products are used in different kind of cracking processes in water steam systems of the oil processing industry.

The production facilities range from petrol production of the hydrogen production to the oxygen production.

In detail, the following plants are conditioned with FINEAMIN:

  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC)
  • Aromizer
  • VGO-Hydrotreater
  • Vacuum distillation
  • Hydrogen generating plants (Linde-Process, Technip, inter alia)
  • Claus plants
  • MTBE-plants
  • Acid plants (terephthal acid  (PTA), maleic anhydride, adipic acid, nitric acid, inter alia)

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  • input of an environmentally friendly conditioning products
  • no interference of the catalysts (no formation of catalyst poison)
  • corrosion protection of the whole plant through surface-active polyamines
  • alkalization/ alkalization of the total water steam system and neutralization/ neutralization of carbon dioxide
  • prevention of deposits and coatings
  • improvement of the heat transfer through dispersion of deposits