Heating and district heating networks

Our products are tested by the Institute of Hygiene (DIN EN 1717 and DIN 1988-100) and approved for the use in heating systems with domestic hot water production!

For water treatment in district heating systems, hot water generators, hot water and heating systems we offer:

  • Corrosion inhibitors and antiscalants
  • Oxygen scavenger to prevent oxygen corrosion
  • Dispersants for cleaning and prevention of iron oxide deposits and scale
  •  alkalizing products for pH control and correction

The benefits:

  • Reliable protection against corrosion and deposits in the entire system
  • No increase of salinity in systems with demineralized water make-up by dosing chemicals
  • Smooth removal of old deposits
  • Heat transfer improvement
  • ease of use and dosage
  • Environmental friendly dosing

Prospect District heating

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