Biocide for cooling and process water systems


FINEAMIN FINEALGA ME effectively controls microorganisms (bacteria fungi and algae ) in industrial recirculating water systems.

It is useful against slime forming and other bacteria and algae. These organisms can produce an environment in which serious corrosion and biofouling take place.

FINEAMIN FINEALGA ME is also active in the control of Legionella pneumophila and Legionella gormanii bacteria, which causes Legionnaire’s disease(Ligionellose) and Sulphate Reducing Bacteria which is been met in refinery and steel mill cooling towers.

FINEAMIN FINEALGA ME is efficient in a pH-range from 6.0 to 9.5

FINEAMIN FINEALGA ME is intended for industrial use only. Do not apply to potable water or domestic water systems.

General Description

FINEAMIN FINEALGA ME is a liquid mixture based on organic compounds

Appearance: clear, yellowish, liquid

Density ( 20 OC/68 OF ): 1.04 ± 0.05 g/cm3

pH ( 1 % Solution ): 4 – 9

Solubility in Water: Soluble in all concentrations.

Sensitivity to Freezing: Below – 3 OC

Effect on Environment: The product is non volatile and non inflammable.

For further information please see material safety data sheet.


In recirculating cooling water, the treatment depends on degree of contamination, on existing nutritive substances, type of microbiological deposits, temperature, holding time index and should be selected with the help of our technical assistance.

FINEAMIN FINEALGA ME should be added undiluted. Feeding is recommended to be done as a shock treatment.

Dosage for continuous application is achieved by automatic feeding equipment regulated by the amount of make up water. 

The product should preferably be added at or before a point of high mixing intensity in the system.

The complete feeding equipment (containers, pumps, pipelines) must be made resistant material e.g; PE, PP, PVC.


For information please see material safety data sheet.


In original closed drums 2 years.


30 kg, 60 kg or 210 kg plastic drums.