District heating storage - Conditioning of the feed water

It is wise to set up storage in the common installation of BHKW’s especially in district heating plants.

The volume of the installed storages constitutes a big volume percentage proportional to the operation districts heating network. The storage is often made of ‘black’ steal and has no coating or rubberization.

By starting up a district heating storage it is important to pay attention to the corresponding conditioning and treatment of the content water of the storage. Furthermore the storage should be rinsed before filling or startup according to the degree of pollution (iron oxide, rust, oil, fat, exudation residues) otherwise the pollution would attain directly into the district heating system.

The water of the district heating storage applies the same regulations as for the treatment of districts heating network and boilers because the storages are directly associated with the system.

To protect the district heating network and present boiler against corrosion and deposits the water of the storage has to be treated according to the regulations before the first operation (DIN EN 12953-10, AGFW-work sheet FW 510, etc.). Especially during filling the storage you have to pay attention that you use treated water (softened water or partly demineralized water). At the same time you have to make sure that the water is enough alkalized and eventually enough oxygen-bindings are abounded.

For that we offer salt free products for example FINEAMIN which provoke alkalization, protection surface and have an effect as an oxygen binder. You can add FINEAMIN already during the filling process of the storage. For a satisfied corrosion protection is an addition of ca. 1-2 liter FINEAMIN per m³ according to the content volume enough.

The regulations are according to the newest standard of technologies and our own experiences.