Treatment report concerning the utilisation of Helawax HUM in on line cleaning of incineration plant flue gas washing towers

During 4 months Helawax HUM has been injected in incineration plant flue gas washing towers. During this period it has been observed that the deposit formation was practically avoided. Before treatment the plant was cleaned every 8 weeks since the washing tower was no more able to treat the flow of produced flue gas. Even the connection pipes where clogged with deposits until 50% of the free diameter. The result of Helawax HUM treatment was that the formation of these deposits has drastically decreased.

This test has been applied in an incineration plant having a capacity of 180'000 tons per year.

The flue gas flow is 60'000 Nm3/h.

Before to start the treatment, the flue gas washing towers have been clean mechanically.

The dosage rate of Helawax HUM is proportional to the make-up water.

During the test period it has been observed :

  • The pH cells remain clean and the accuracy of the pH measurement is very precise.
  • The formation of new deposits has been reduced to near to zero.
  • Some deposits resulting from the cleaning effect of the treatment have been found in the plant tanks
  • The Ring-jet of the towers remain very clean

The manual cleaning, after 4 months of treatment, was no more necessary