Steam water treatment

Unwanted impurities found inside boilers water and steam turbines in the form of organic substances can cause serious operating problems and corrosion. Timely identified, preferably at an early stage, corrosion problems can be minimalized by means of the appropriate chemical conditioning, a specialist recommended steam water treatment.

FINEAMIN products reduce the power of water corrosion, improve plant efficiency and lower the costs in terms of maintenance, energy and other chemicals used. Formulated to protect the entire system and in full compliance with European regulations, FINEAMIN is successfully replacing any existing treatments.

Advantages when applying the recommended steam water treatment program:

  • Complete protection of metal parts and prevention of corrosion by unequalled passivation in all steam / water sections of plant.
  • Committed to the provision of professional service and quality, environmental compatible performance boiler water treatment technology.
  • Ease of application with notable reduction of user involvement.
  • Minimized costs for the total production of steam.
  • Reduced number of boiler failures and less discharges into the environment.
  • No exposure to toxic chemicals for operators and other employees.
  • Safe, effective and progressive on-line cleaning and prevention of scale and / or
  • deposits inside the boiler resulting in increased safety and high efficiency for heat exchange surfaces.
  • Non-stoichiometric dosages : the ability to handle feed water upsets.
  • FINEAMIN products generate ammonia & acetate at 1ppb per ppm dosed.
  • Water and energy savings : reduction of the blow-down rate.
  • FINEAMIN is injected in 99% of the plants as steam water treatment with only one dosing Station.