Amin - technology for water treatment

FINEAMIN ® are organic special chemicals for the treatment of boiler water, boiler feed water, steam and condensate systems, heating water and cooling water.

The product range includes various combinations of alkalizing amines, surface active polyamines, polymers, film-forming amines and dispersing polyacrylat.

These amine - technology offers reliable protection against corrosion and deposits in water and steam systems of all types.

Some FINEAMIN ® - products are not steam volatile and thus approved for use in the food industry.

The advantages of the FINEAMIN ® technology compared to conventional conditioning agents (trisodium phosphate, sodium sulfite, sodium hydroxide, hydrazine) are:

  • Reliable protection against corrosion and deposits in the entire water-steam system
  • Reduction of blowdown water with salt-free products, leads to water and energy savings
  • steam-volatile products provide optimum protection against corrosion in the steam, condensate and feed water section
  • Surface-active ingredients support the formation of a stable and thin magnetite protection
  • ease of use and dosage of the products
  • protection of the environment with biodegradable chemicals and reduced energy consumption