Replacement of carcinogenic hydrazine

As a result of the increasing efforts in maintaining an ecological balance, the authorities of the water chemistry sector are in a constant search for new alternatives concerning the replacement of potentially dangerous chemical products used today for industrial water treatment. For example, hydrazine hydrate is intensively known for  its oxygen scavenger properties, a chemical fighting corrosion inside steam generation systems. But at the same time it is internationally considered by various research studies as a contingent source for cancer putting in continuous danger the well being of the workers.

Therefore, replacing the carcinogenic hydrazine has become a priority in the last years. Fineamin chemical products for water treatment come as an ecological and easy to use solution to the problem of replacing hydrazine for boiler treatment inside power stations, refineries, food factories and not only. Fineamin forms a strong, protective polyamines film on all the internal surfaces of the plant, protecting the system from oxygen and carbon dioxide action and keeping the metal safe from corrosion.

Hydrazine replacement in boiler water treatment with the polyamines and polyacrylates products has been proved to a high efficiency by numerous studies  conducted by researchers from Reutlingen University in Germany and British Energy Generation LTD, UK.