Is your deaerator working without any problems?

Is it necessary to dose a chemical residual oxygen binder?

An optimal water treatment of feed water in a steam boiler plant means to eliminate the dissolved gases in the make-up water/ makeup water, circulating water or condensate.

The dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide can cause serious corrosion damages in the entire water and steam circulation, especially with materials made of iron.

Therefore it is important that the deaerator of the feed water works without any problems.

To check this, we offer you an online oxygen measurement of the feed water of your power plant.

During this process the oxygen content will be measured under exclusion of air and under pressure. A special data-logger will check and record the measurements. Afterwards an evaluation is possible. In this way it is possible to follow the values of the deaerator and register if they go over the limit values.

Furthermore it is possible to adjust the thermic deaerator through the online measure. This can add to an energetic efficient running of the power plant.

If the deaerator of the feed water is well adjusted it is additionally possible to omit the input of chemicalresidual oxygen binder which can lead to savings of production resources.

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