Waste water treatment

Our HELAWAX-product program offers special chemicals for in power plants/incineration plants waste water treatment, wet flue-gas desulphurization and heavy metal precipitation

  • Corrosion-and scale inhibitors for water carrying metal systems
  • Inhibitors for the prevention of calcium and magnesium deposits/formation in the wastewater treatment plants, particularly for incineration plants.
  • Products for heavy metal precipitation and removal, particularly for incineration plants waste water treatment plants

The benefits:

  • Investment protection through longer equipment life
  • Reduction of the cleaning-up costs.
  • Reduction and possible planning of the immobilization periods of the plants
  • Better efficiency and accuracy of the measurement devices, the measuring cells remain clean
  • Reliable protection against corrosion and deposits
  • Respect of the water quality limits given by law
  • Optimization of operating costs for chemicals
  • Concentrated commercial products, low consumption