Steam production systems

For the treatment of condensate, boiler feedwater and boiler water, we provide:

  • Corrosion inhibitors and antiscalants/dispersants for steam production systems of all pressure levels (water tube boilers, heat recovery steam generators, shell boilers, quick steam generators, low pressure steam generators)
  • Products adapted for any make up water quality (softened water, reverse osmosis water (R.O. water), de-ionized water)
  • Oxygen scavenger for treatment of feedwater / steam-volatile oxygen scavenger
  • Scale and deposits inhibitors/dispersants for on-line cleaning
  • Products for cleaning of turbines (silica incrustation)
  • Alkalizing agent to neutralize carbon dioxide and pH control
  • Steam-volatile products to protect the steam and condensate area
  • film-forming amines and surface active polyamines
  • Inhibitors for conservation and passivation of steam generators

The benefits:

  • Reliable protection against corrosion and deposits in the entire water-steam system
  • Reduction of blowdown water with salt-free products, leads to water and energy savings
  • steam-volatile products provide optimum protection against corrosion in the steam, condensate and feed water section
  • Surface-active ingredients support the formation of a stable and thin magnetite protection
  • ease of use and dosage of the products
  • protection of the environment with biodegradable chemicals and reduced energy consumption


Prospect Feed water- and boiler water treatment

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