Organic Plant Cycle Treatment Chemicals – A PowerPlant Chemistry Interview

PowerPlant Chemistry 2009, 11(10)

In the last twelve months, nine papers have been published in this journal dealing either exclusively or largely with the behavior of organics in the fossil plant cycle. You may find a list of these papers in the August issue of our journal on page #468.

Surprisingly, the major focus of these papers is not on natural organics, extractables, or leachables from ion exchange resins; organic plant cycle treatment chemicals are the main theme. As you might expect, these papers are not able to address all aspects of this very complex topic. The fact that such papers are written, read, and discussed substantiates the need for more information relating to this subject.

The PowerPlant Chemistry editor has received many e-mail requests asking for more detailed information. Although we would like to respond to all these e-mails as correctly and precisely as possible, we do not possess all the necessary data.

For this reason, we have decided to contact major suppliers of organic plant cycle treatment chemicals and ask them the questions that we have received from our readers. The first interview in our interview series appeared in the August issue of our journal (PowerPlant Chemistry 2009, 11(8), 468–474), the second in the September issue (PowerPlant Chemistry 2009, 11(9), 516–518). This time, our interviewees are Pierre Bezzoli and Karsten Cramer, jointly representing the producer of Fineamin.