Steam generator in the food industry

To ensure the quality and purity of the produced groceries the used chemicals for the production of steam for the production of food cannot consist of any steam volatile corrective chemicals.

For that our range of product FINEAMIN offers custom made solutions application in the food industry.

We provide you approved products for the chemical treatment of steam systems in the food industry:

  • Corrosion and fouling inhibitor
  • Oxygen scavenger to avoid oxygen corrosion
  • Antiscalent for cleaning and avoiding iron oxide and hardness deposits
  • Alkalizing medium for pH-value cleaning

Your advantages:

  • Authorized supplies for steam generation in the food industry and hospitals (Hygiene-Institut Gelsenkirchen)
  • Reliable protection of corrosion and deposits
  • No salting of the system with salt free chemical treatment chemicals
  • Old deposits will be gently removed
  • Easy application and dosing
  • Environment friendly chemical treatment chemicals


dairy, cheese dairy, brewery, distillery, butcher, beverage producer

aggregates for the pharmacy, hospitals with sterilization, producer of pet food products, potato starch plant,  food industry, etc.

Prospect Food Industry

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