Organic water treatment for boilers

Organic water treatment for steam boilers consists of injecting inside the systems a series of products based on amines to provide alkalization, oxygen scavengers for metal passivation and dispersants to reduce deposits inside the boiler. FINEAMIN products are such organic boiler conditioning agents including one or more of the listed compounds used for the complete protection of steam / water cycles.

These special substances containing polyamines have the property of forming an invisible film on ferrous surfaces in order to protect the metal from the impurities and gases found inside the system water.  They act like a barrier protecting the interior of the pipes from the corrosion factors, but permitting an increased heat transfer. Cleaner surfaces in the pipes while using the polyamine-based chemicals allow a higher heat transfer of the boiler water and, therefore, a higher recirculation rate.

AVT programs (volatile amine, such as ammonia dosing) were introduced to overcome the problems associated with the phosphate corrosion in high pressure boilers. AVT programs are used to control the pH of boiler feed water, boiler water and steam condensate.

Fineamin products have a very low degradation ratio, 1 ppb for 1 ppm injected product. Using FINEAMIN organic additives for steam / water circuits will not harm the equipment as the resulting degradation products are in no case corrosive due to their very low quantities. FINEAMIN products generate ammonia and acetate as low as 1ppb per ppm dosed, almost insignificant quantity.